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Swan Vestas

The language of brands has always interested me, as well as terms that are regional, and when words shift meaning or expire. Growing up in the UK if you needed matches you would ask for Swan Vestas. Now the newest buzzword word ‘lit’ is being passed around – with a different meaning to what I […]

Red Robot

We are in the robot age! They can order products for us, play music and answer questions (listen to our conversations) and more! Lucky for me I haven’t been replaced with a robot that can take product photos in the studio – yet. But I do like the idea of an efficient streamlined process – […]

Little Duck

How did the little yellow duck become so iconic? I think for many of us, it is something that we may remember having with us in the bath. They have been manufactured since the 1940’s and recognized as the quintessential bathtub toy since 1970. A most memorable toy and always good, clean fun! I think […]

Dream Big

Have you noticed all the Valentine’s Day products in the supermarket? They seem to quickly appear not long after the turn of the new year. There’s an abundance of sweets, and teddy bears waiting for your true love. I often wonder the shelf life of some of these things, and where do they go if […]

Eternal Flow

One of the many things I love about New York is that there is coffee everywhere, and in many places the iconic paper cup that it’s served in. Is this iconic object hidden in plain sight? I hope not. I always wondered who the designer may have been, and if they’d have ever thought Greek […]


“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.” – Susan Sontag. What makes certain objects iconic? Is it the object itself or the image of the object? This year I am actively looking to build my product photography portfolio. Please keep me in mind for product photography!