Reliable. Designed for heavy duty.


Impactful. When image is your message - let it communicate.


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The Peg

Business going through a bit of a dry spell? Time to freshen things up with some new product images.

The Chain

There’s no need to feel locked in to your old product images. Princeton Product Photography is the key to a bold new look.

The Ruler

Are your product images measuring up to the competition? Don’t let your product images fall short. We’ll go to great lengths to see your product marketing succeed.

The Dice

Rolling the dice on photographing your own products? Don’t gamble with your business image. Contact Princeton Product Photography for a safe bet.

The Compass

Do your marketing efforts need some direction? Are your products nowhere to be seen? Contact Princeton Product Photography to find a solution.

The Level

Are you using low-level product images? Solution: Contact Princeton Product Photography. We’ll elevate your brand.

Swan Vestas

The language of brands has always interested me, as well as terms that are regional, and when words shift meaning or expire. Growing up in the UK if you needed matches you would ask for Swan Vestas. Now the newest buzzword word ‘lit’ is…