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The 1950’s television version of ‘the future’ and automation is quite funny. Both Rosie the robot in the Jetsons, and Robby the robot in Forbidden Plant had simple, wholesome roles written for their US viewers.


Typically, cyanotypes are blue, Sire John Hershel discovered the process in 1842, and they were used to make copies of drawings by engineers. I had made cyanotypes before, (sometimes called sun prints), you can buy a pack of photo sensitive paper or buy and the mix the chemicals. With your own mix, you can brush the light sensitive chemicals onto any type of paper or even fabric.

Finding a solution through patience

For those that know me and follow my other channels of interest, Mudlarking is one of my pursuits. By definition, a Mudlark is someone who would search the muddy shores of the River Thames at low tide for anything that could be sold. To become a Mudlark was a choice dictated by poverty of lack […]

Tools of the Trade

I recently decided to photograph a series of ordinary objects. Many photographers have done this, and I was certainly inspired by Pati Hill, Jim Dine, and Walker Evans. Many of the tools in this series were left in my shed from over 20 years ago. It seems that many newer tools are not made as […]

The Peg

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The Chain

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The Ruler

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The Dice

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The Compass

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The Level

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